Baby Driver Film Review

Baby (Ansel Elgort)is a young and partially hearing impaired getaway driver who can make any wild move while in motion with the right track playing. He needs this skill as he goes throughout his crime filled lifestyle. His boss Doc (Kevin Spacey), plans everything out for Baby and his crew he will be with Doc is a rather bossy man with a short temper and no time to waste. Baby finally thinks he is free as he finishes his “last job”and he can be happy with his girlfriend Debora  when Doc call him back to do another job. During this job Baby finds his life and people that he cares about life on the line till the end. Some other main crime partners are Buddy (John Hamm), Bats (Jamie Foxx), and Darling ( Eiza Gonzalez). All of these characters are mean and die in the end. Photo credits-

This film can fall into many different types of genres such as crime, drama, action, and thriller. This movie falls in all of these categories because there are many crimes committed, action pact escapes, plot twists, and thrills through the whole movie.

The type of conflict in this movie is character vs. character as Baby runs, escapes, and kills multiple people. He is faced with loads of decisions as he just wants to spend time with Debora. In the end Baby finally gets what he desires. Photo credits-

Some themes that would fit this movie appropriately is fight for what is right, and music takes you places. Baby always fought for what he believed was right. He protected innocent people he was a nice criminal. He wanted to keep people safe so he fought many different ways to keep them safe. Music can take us to many places. Just listening to a song can make you feel happy, sad or any other emotion.

Colors, framing, and framing angles played a huge role in this film. As soon as the film opened Baby and a team of criminals were in a bright red sport car. Just seeing the car had my attention and I was ready to see a good getaway escape. The endless change of angles and view points rapidly through the film will keep you hooked as well. During the chases they use close up, birds eye view and so much more. Photo credits-

The movie of Baby Driver was based off of music. Baby has a condition that makes his ears ring all the time. He plays music to drown out the sound. Baby has different songs for different occasions and moods. During a chase we herd rock music that got my blood pumping. During romantic scenes there was slow romantic music. I do not think that there was twenty minutes in the whole film that music was not playing. The movie was nominated for sound editing and sound mixing. It did not win either one but I believe that the music was excellent.

This movie was an success time. I love action movies especially when there is cars involved. The picture was read along with the amazing storyline. I would give this film the grade of a 98.

Dylan Mistretta 3/8/19

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