Exploring Film Criticism with a New Perspective

Before taking the class Introduction to Film, I personally thought film critics were terrible people that only seen the bad in films. Now, after almost completing Introduction to Film, I have a totally different view of film critics. Film critics do see the bad in films, but they also see the good in films. I now know that if the film crew, actors, and director do not use the right color scheme, camera angles, set, and target the appropriate audience for the film they create it may be a total flop.

I will never look at a film the same again. Even if I am watching a film for fun, I still look for the color theory, camera angles, character development, the hero’s journey, sound score, technical aspects, and much, much more. At this point, in my days as a young critic, looking for these tiny details is something that I do automatically.

I am more in tune now with how to write a great summary of a film without giving any spoilers. I learned that it is easier to watch the first half of the film then stop and write a summary. I am also more in tune with the color theory and camera angles. I also know that the camera angles are what makes the film more meaningful.

After this semester in  Introduction to Film, I appreciate many things that I never would have thought of being in films. I never thought about how the camera is set up, the colors in the film, and how the music helped tell the story in a film. I also appreciate film critics and all the work they do. Critics look at films in great detail. They take the film apart and figure out what each part means. I know this takes a lot of work because I have reviewed a few films myself.

There was lots of information that I learned this semester that triggered major thoughts for me. The main topic that triggered thoughts for me was the story of a film. A film’s story can have huge impacts on people and society as a whole. The film Rocky (1976) is a great example. In the film Rocky (1976) Rocky is living a low life where people ridicule him and treat him like a bum. Rocky allows people to treat him this way because he treats himself this way due to the fact that he failed to follow his dream. Rocky changes greatly on his journey to greatness. Rocky starts to believe in himself and so do others. This film showed people and society that they can personally change their life if they believe in themselves and try.

I have learned a lot of information about films and filmmaking this semester. I hope to continue my journey of critiquing films. I may complete a film review or two over my break but there are no guarantees. I would like to personally thank Mr. Noel T. Manning for being a great instructor and for teaching me how to be a true film critic this semester. Goodbye, until next time my friends.

~Dylan Mistretta

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