The Hunger Games Film Review!

Have you ever imagined yourself in a ring with twenty three other people. Then think, you are going to fight to the death with these people and only one can win. That is what exactly happened to Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. This film is full of action, plot turns, and romance.

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In what was once North America the Capitol of Panem keeps its grip of all of the twelve districts. Once a year two tributes are selected at the Reaping which is a drawing for the Hunger Games. If you name is selected you have to fight to the death in the Hunger Games.  The story mainly focus on the tributes from district twelve. The tributes were going to be Prim Everdeen and and Peeta Mellark. But Katniss Everdeen (Prims older sister) volunteered as tribute so Prim would not have to fight to the death. Katniss and Peeta go to the capitol so they can go through interviews and become ready for the Hunger Games. As they enter the games Peeta forms an alliance with some other players that eventually turn on him, Katniss in the other hand plays the game on her own for a while until she is attacked by Tracker Jackers and this sweet girl named Ruth comes to help her. Ruth takes care of Katniss while she is unconcious. Katniss and Ruth make up a plan to destroy the big alliances food source and they do but Ruth gets traped. Katniss saves her but not long after Cato throws a spear that hits Ruth. Not long after Katniss puts flowers around ruth’s dead body there is an announcement that two people can win the game if they are from the same district. Katniss rushes to find Peeta she does and she drags him to a cave. Katniss takes care of Peeta and they bond with each other. While they are walking they are attacked by wild creatures that look like  a dog. They are rushed around where they meet Cato. Peeta, Katniss, and Cato fight to the death. Peeta and katniss win. Then a announcement is made that revokes the rule about two winners. Katniss tells Peeta they they should eat some poisonous berries and the moment before they do there is one last announcement that says they both can win.

Genre, color theory, hero type, and Blake Snyder approach

The genre of this film is science fiction/fantasy. The events in this film cannot happen as of we know today. That is why it has these genres. In this film there is a lot of examples of the color theory. Katniss and Peeta’s suits that they wore when they rode in the charroit was on fire literally. The fire could represent their eagerness and determination to win the Hunger Games. During sad parts of the film the screen had a grayish tint to it, and when there was a happy part the screen was brighter. Katniss Everdeen is a modern hero because her family is about average for a distinct but far less compared to the Capitol. According the Blake Snyder approach this film fits in the category institutionalized. The reason that this film fits this category is that Katniss is willing to take the norms of society, and she is threw into a arena and is told to fight to the death.  

What critics say

“Even when two people are just talking calmly, Ross jerks the camera around. Why? As the sense of danger increases, he has nothing to build toward. ” -David Denby from the New Yorker on Rotten Tomatoes. He gave tis film a rotten rating which is 0-60.

“The Hunger Games is impressively cast, beautifully styled, dynamically shot and powerfully edited. However, the standout feature of the film has to be its all encompassing success as an adaptation.” -Sonia Zadurian From Cineview on Rotten Tomatoes. Rated the film ⅘.

I found this to be a good film but the camera had some jerk like movements, I also would of liked to know about what happened to the districts. I found the story to be good, but it still had aspects from teen distopias. Click here to view a list of the cast.


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And may the odds be ever in your favor

Dylan Mistretta

Science Fiction Film Review! The Maze Runner!

Have you ever heard of a teenager suck in a dystopian society? I am sure you have. The Maze Runner film is a good film but it is clichè.  A typical teenager is put into a dystopian society and he decides to go against the rules and think for himself. It is almost like all the other films in the same genre. Take The Hunger Games for example both of the films have the same concept and so do many other science fiction dystopian movies. Photo Credits


A teen wakes up in an elevator going up. When the elevator stops he finds himself in a clearing surrounded by other young males, he has no memory at all. Alby the leader of all the guys in the glade shows the new guy around, and tells him very little about the maze that traps them in the glade. That same evening there is a celebration where the guys were fighting for fun. The new guy got pushed in the ring where she started to fight Gabby. After being flipped over he remembers his name, Thomas. The next day Thomas is attacked Ben who is a runner who runs the maze. While Ben was in the maze he was stunned and he was going disulational. The other guys in the tribe help get Ben off of Thomas. Later they lock Ben in the maze because you cannot survive a night in the maze. The next day Alby goes with Minho into the maze to see if they can find what happened to Ben. It is getting late and the maze is about to close with Minho and Alby inside. As the maze starts to close Minho rounds the corner and he is carrying Alby who has been stung. Right before the maze closes Thomas breaks the rules and enters the maze to help Minho but it is to late and they are trapped. As Thomas and Minho Put Alby’s body is a remberal place they see a griever which can kill them easily or sting them. They run, as they are being chased by the griever Minho tells thomas to come through this passage which is closing. Thomas waits for the griever to get close to him, when it does Thomas runs through the passage and so does the griever. The griever is smashed and killed. The next morning Thomas and Minho exit the maze to everyone’s surprise. Gabby (the guy in charge while Alby is dying), says Thomas needs to be punished but the tribe thinks he should become a runner. After a night with no food Thomas is declared a runner. Within a couple of days they find a grivers home which can be their way out. The tribe is in a split decision, half are going to escape and half are going to stay. The half that want to try to escape enter the maze, They get to the grievers home there they encounter three grievers. They escape but they lost some people along the way. They enter a hallway that leads to alb where they play a video that tells them congratulations. It also tells them the state of the world. After that Gabby shows up stung and delusional, he tries to kill Thomas but Minho pust a spear through his heart, sadly Chuck they youngest kid blocked the bullet that was intended for Thomas. People in masks come and retrieve the “players” and they fly away in a helicopter. Here is a list of the cast.

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Color theory, hero type, and Blake Snyder’s approach.

I noticed that when the mood of the film was sad everything in has a grayish tint to it. The same thing when the mood was happy but the color was bright. A character who does a lot or something important in the gallade tended to have a brighter colored shirt. I not sure If this was intentional but it works with the film. Thomas is considered a modern hero. He is a average teen who is put in extraordinary circumstances, and he rose to the challenge. He had to face some internal conflict as well such as, should he run in the maze and go against the rules? According to the Blake Snyder formula this film fits in the Golden Fleece category. The Maze Runner has all three aspects of the category Golden Fleece the road, the team, and the prize. The road, also known as the obstacle or the problem. In The Maze Runner the obstacle is the maze itself Thomas has to find way out. The Team, in this film the team is consisted of Thomas, Minho, Teresa, Newt, and Chuck. These are the characters that stick with Thomas all the way. The prize, in this film the prize is to escape the maze and be free. The team succeeded the maze to find out that the sun has scorched the earth and the world is chaos.

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What the audience thought

“During the movie I was absolutely giving it the benefit of the doubt. Without so much as telling us this was “Part One” of a trilogy (or four movies, depending on how well the first one does and they inevitably split the last movie into two so they can milk the series our longer than it needs, i.e. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight,) the movie seemed to take its long time to explain everything out in extreme detail of their world. I was trying to be as patient as possible when I knew this was a necessity since this is a sci-fi, futuristic test for young boys.”(Thestar-2) What this critic is saying is that the film took too long to explain everything in great detail they rated the film 3/10. Click here to see their full review.

“So the film is a very pleasant, well paced, well directed, reasonably well acted, decently scored, great .. well, nice CGI, entertaining film that will please just about every audience there is, without being horribly commercial, soppy and cliché. I haven’t had this much fun in a long while – although I gotta say Edge OF Tomorrow was just as good. My final vote – a very solid 8/10, and I’m wishing for parts 2 and 3 ASAP” (Digdog-785-717538) This critic said that they liked the movie and gave examples of why. Click here to view their full review.


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Dylan Mistretta 4/3/29