My Grandmothers Film Experience.

My grandmother Linda Yarbrough was born on February 11, 1956. She is 63 years old and she has had lots of movie experience during her life so far. She has also witnessed the movies change a lot. I asked her questions and these are her answers. The picture on the left is of my brother Mason, My grandmother Linda and I. we are at Duns River Falls in Jamaica

What is the first theater you remember going to? The first films you remember watching? What do you remember about old theaters?

“The first theatre that I remember going to is the Griffin Theater. The theater has been demolished. Some of the first films that I remember watching are Gone with the wind, Swiss Family Robinson, and Midnight Cowboy. Some of the first things that I remember from the old theaters are that they were on film rolls and that they had to be changed often. Seeing a movie on that big of a screen made me feel special. The cost of a ticket was less than two dollars.”

Did you go to the theaters often? What are some of the films that you have seen?

“I did not go to the theaters often. Once I went on a field trip to go see gone with the Wind. I was in the seventh or eighth grade. I think that that field trip was to Charlotte but I am not too sure. I have gone to drive in movies. such as the Sunset Drive and another one in Rutherfordton. I remember getting a box with a speaker and this is how I heard the movie. I also got out of the car and sat on a blanket sometimes. Some of the movies that I remember watching at a drive-in are Jaws and Star Wars. I was scared to go in the ocean after watching Jaws.” Photo credits-

How did VHS tapes and movie rentals change the way that you saw movies?

“My family did buy a VCR player that used VHS. After this purchase, we went to rent VHS tapes. The first movie that I remember renting and watching is Splash, it is about a mermaid that is in New York. When my family was going to rent a movie we would decide by seeing commercials on Tv and reading the back of the case.”

Do you rent movies now? Do you watch them online?

“Now that I live on my own with my husband I sometimes rent DVDs. I would love to see online movies but internet providers refuse to bring internet down our road.”

What kind of movies and shows do you watch now? Have they changed in the last 20 years?

“I love to watch crime drama like NCIS. I also like medical drama series my favorite is The Good Doctor. My taste in films has changed over time. While your mother was growing up I watched what the children wanted to watch. After a while when my grandchildren came along I started to love Disney movies again.” Photo credits-

Do you go to the movies often? what have you noticed that has changed?

“I do not go to theaters very often. The thing that has improved the most is the picture and the sound quality.”

What was the last film you have seen in a theater? did you enjoy the experience?

“The last movie that I have seen in a theater was Gods Not Dead. I enjoyed the movie. the seating was great the chairs rocked and were very comfortable. The drinks and the popcorn were supersized and very pricy. The admission was around $10.00. The price has really gone up.”

The interview was on 2/9/19

Dylan Mistretta 2/13/19

What Film Baggage means To Me and Why.

What is film baggage? Film baggage is all the films that you have seen and it affects the next film you chose to watch. Everyone’s film baggage is different and that is okay. Nothing is wrong with your film baggage. For example, you absolutely hated the movie Elf with Will Ferrell therefor you refused to go see the movie Daddy’s Home with the same actor. You ask a girl if she wants to go see a movie and she wants to see Daddy’s home two. You take her to see the movie because you like her. You find out that the actor is actually not that bad. Your film baggage would have prevented you from seeing that movie and then you would still hate the actor. Photo credits-

I have seen lots of films and I have never really hated an actor. I may have disliked of the choice they made in the film but it was them acting and they did an adequate job. I am not the biggest fan of thriller and some romance. That is because I prefer action movies. My favorite action movie I have seen this year is Venom. The film was action packed and it had some comedy with a touch of romance. If you have read my first blog you know I love action movies because I am an adrenalin junky. Photo credits-

My mother loves Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas movies. Sometimes I watch them with her. As I have said earlier I am not fond of romantic movies. I am not blaming my mother for my dislike for romantic movies. I am just not fond of them. My favorite actor for Hallmark is Lacey Chabert. She does a good job acting even if I do not like the genre of the film. Photo credits-×474&q=70

Do not judge a movie by its cover or its actors. To properly judge a film you need to watch it for yourself. We as film critics need to try to see the good and bad in movies. We also do not need to judge movies based on the actors in previous movies. If you dislike an actor make yourself go to another movie that they are in and watch it for the good and not the bad. Photo credits-

Dylan Mistretta 2/6/19

What Film Means to Me

Hello everybody, my name is Dylan Mistretta. I was born in Shelby North Carolina on March 5, 2004. I live in the small town of Lawndale North Carolina. I attend High school at Cleveland Early College High School. I am also attending Cleveland Community College. Where I am planning on achieving an associate degree in science. A random fact about me is that I love memes especially ones that relate to what I am doing or have done. The picture to the left is my brother Mason and I on our latest cruise with lemons in our mouth.

For as long as I can remember I have loved movies and TV shows. When I was four my favorite TV show was Thomas the Train ( I thought it was the best show ever at the time. The first movie store I ever went to was Family Video in Forest City, North Carolina. Family VIdeo is a rather large building with lots of movies and video games. The Family Video is still open today but it is going downhill due to online movies. Photo credits-

My favorite types of movies are action, comedy, and sci-fi. My favorite tv show is the Good Doctor and my favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. My favorite movie series is the Fast and the Furious movies. Out of all the Fast and the Furious movies, my favorite is The Fate Of the Furious. My favorite actor in this series is Paul Walker but he passed away on November 20, 2013. He is still my favorite actor. The reasons that I love the Fast and furious movies is because I am an adrenaline junky. I love doing dangerous things and the Fast and the Furious movies reminds me of that sensation. I have seen some bad movies but none that was unwatchable. The best movie that I have seen the year is Venom. The movie was action packed and had a great story. Photo credits-

My favorite movie studio is Universal Studios ( yes they are the creators of the Fast and the Furious series. Not only do they make amazing movies they have an amazing theme park. I definitely recommend going. There is one in Orlando Florida and in Hollywood California. I visited the one in Florida.

Everybody views movies differently. Some like romance more than others. some may hate sci-fi while others love it. This comes from who you are as a person. Some people criticize some movies more than others. I do point out some bad things that I see in films but I also consider the company that made the movie and sometimes the budget that had. I always try to see the bright side of things. Photo credits-

If I use a movie reviewer I only trust and use one movie reviewer to judge my movies. If I look at a movie reviewer I normally look at Rotten Tomatoes ( I don’t normally look at movie revivers because I like to see the movie for myself. I don’t know about you but I hate it when other people spoil movies.

Dylan Mistretta, January 30, 2019